Our Commitment to Coverage

November 2013

October 1 marked the start of the Health Insurance Marketplaces, a signature feature of the Affordable Care Act. When fully implemented, thousands of people will be able to shop for coverage online, compare pricing and select policies that will best fit their needs. Even though there were technology glitches at the start of Open Enrollment in the Marketplaces, soon we will see a tremendous change in how people select coverage and manage their healthcare spending.

As a faith-based health system, we are helping our patients and community members gain access to quality, affordable healthcare coverage, and we are working to spread awareness of the new options available through our “Get Covered, Stay Well” campaign in the communities we serve. We must do all that we can to ensure that our providers, patients and communities are aware of the opportunities now available to obtain health coverage and the resources to help them select the best options.

As stated in a recent article in the New England Journal of Medicine, the Marketplaces are an instrument of enormous potential power. They will be seen over time as a competitive insurance market in which consumers can make rational decisions, and they will become an instrument that can reshape the health care delivery system.  

Making decisions on health coverage can be challenging for consumers, especially for those who are new to health insurance. There are a myriad of options that deal with covered services, deductibles and cost-sharing and other key components of coverage. Many people will be overwhelmed by the complexity of choices, which is why SCL Health has worked with the federal government and the state of Colorado to establish Certified Application Counselors at our care sites and system offices to provide the one-on-one support that people need.  

Our mission has always been to improve the health of those we serve. Today, that means going beyond the traditional clinical setting to ensure that everyone has the information and resources they need to secure quality, affordable health coverage. Remaining true to our heritage, we seek out and embrace new opportunities to serve the health care needs in our communities. 

Michael A. Slubowski, FACHE, FACMPE
President and Chief Executive Officer
SCL Health