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Value-Based Decision Making

Values-based decision making guides us in incorporating our values in all aspects of our health ministry.

The Elements of Values-Based Decisions are:

  • Values-Driven - Excellence, Caring Spirit, Integrity, Stewardship and Good Humor.
  • Inclusiveness - All decision-making is representative of all affected persons and interests.
  • Truthfulness - All decision-making is fully and straightforwardly communicated.
  • Reasonable Consistency - All decision-making treats similar cases and situations similarly.
  • Collaboration - All decision-making is conducted in a collegial and cooperative manner.

The Steps in Values-Based Decision Making are:

  • Assemble the right participants.
  • Assemble the right facts.
  • Clarify the Core Values.
  • Reach a collaborative consensus.
  • Broadcast the values-based decision.