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Our Sponsors

Standing left to right: Maureen Hall, SCL, James Roscoe. Seated left to right: Constance Phelps, SCL, Maureen Mahoney, Esq., Charlotte White, SCL

Leaven Ministries

Today, the Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth (SCLs) enjoys the sponsorship of SCL Health by Leaven Ministries, a newer entity (public juridic person) recognized by the Catholic Church. This sponsorship allows the religious community to invite lay leaders into the sponsorship role to continue its health ministry into the future consistent with the SCL spirit, mission and values. This model has been successfully adopted by other religious communities and Catholic health systems and it does not affect day-to-day operations or governance of SCL Health hospitals and clinics. The currently appointed Leaven Ministries consists of three Sisters and two lay leaders. The religious community will remain connected through the Sponsors' Council. As they are available, SCLs also remain involved on Boards of Directors and on staffs of the hospitals, clinics and system office.

The SCL Health System's sponsors established a Creed, which our Associates strive to live by every day:

Our Creed

We believe that God's healing love is made present through us. Every person in the system in every position is part of this mission.

The health care we provide is based on community need and available resources with special concern for the poor. We are partners in this care with physicians and other providers. The community, and indeed, our whole society, is responsible with us for the health of its members. We collaborate with other healthcare providers to improve the health of the community, control costs, and conserve resources.

In the tradition of the Catholic Church, we value human life and promote the health of the whole person. To the people in our communities, we owe respect for their dignity and excellent service.

Many resources combine to show God's healing love. The greatest of these is our associates. They must receive from us respect, fair wages, an environment in which they feel trusted, and the opportunity to share responsibility for our goals. They deserve leadership that is capable and just. At all levels within our system, we are resources to one another and share our expertise. Our competent staff and high quality technology are a resource for physicians and other medical professionals. We, in turn, seek their involvement in shaping our future.

We protect the health of our fundamental resource, the earth. The material resources entrusted to us are well maintained, clean and attractive. We must earn an adequate margin to continue to provide good healthcare, always mindful that this resource comes from our patients and communities.

Two qualities mark our work. One is excellence. We set high standards and expect to reach them. The other is friendliness. In our presence, people feel comfortable and worthwhile. These qualities are touched by a sense of God present in our actions bringing healing.

Members' roles and responsibilities include:

  • Establish and approve the mission and philosophy of the corporation.
  • Assure preservation of Catholic identity and providing good stewardship of resources.
  • Approve the amendment of the corporate charter and bylaws.
  • Appoint the President and the Board of Directors of SCL Health.
  • Approve debt, or the acquisition, lease, sale or mortgage of assets.
  • Approve the merger, dissolution or restructuring of SCL Health and Affiliates.
  • Approve the formation process for members of Leaven Ministries.
  • Approve the admission of new participating entities.
  • Take any other action which, in accordance with the civil corporate documents governing SCL Health, is reserved to its members.