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Accountable Health

Imagine a healthcare delivery system where everyone involved in a patient’s care is interconnected, communicates, shares information and is dedicated to keeping costs affordable and providing safe, effective quality care. Such a network might include the patient, family members, primary care physicians, specialists, hospital, home health agencies, nursing homes and even local retailers.


Understanding Accountable Health Networks (AHNs)

Healthcare continues to undergo changes since the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. The following brief definitions help explain some of these changes as they relate to how SCL Health delivers comprehensive and compassionate care.

ACCOUNTABLE CARE: Provided care that is safe, effective and affordable; medically necessary and delivered in the most appropriate setting; and coordinated across all areas and types of care.

ACCOUNTABLE HEALTH NETWORK (AHN): The legal structure that brings together the necessary partners for delivery of seamless care from many different providers, often called the care continuum.

CONTINUUM OF CARE: The span of the physical locations where patients receive care: their homes, doctors’ offices, hospitals, retail clinics, nursing homes and other places.

CLINICAL INTEGRATION: Aligning all partners in the Accountable Health Network to deliver care that is safe, effective and affordable.

EVIDENCE-BASED CARE: Care based on demonstrated scientific evidence and proven to add value to the patient experience and health outcomes.

ELECTRONIC MEDICAL RECORD: An electronic medical record that follows and reports the patient’s healthcare encounters across all potential points of access on the care continuum.