Associate Empowered

To maximize the experience for each patient, we must draw out the potential of our thousands of associates (employees). We continually work to support and engage them as they provide compassionate, high-quality and safe care to patients and families.

Empowerment shows itself when individuals and teams see new opportunities or solutions to problems, and they take on the responsibility to do the right thing without asking for permission. It reveals itself in the pride we take in servicing those in need, and we demonstrate it by holding ourselves accountable.

Empowering associates is about continually finding ways to do better as a way of benefiting patients. A culture that fosters empowerment:

  • Holds fast to our mission, vision and values while aligning with strategic priorities.
  • Builds trust in our communities.
  • Uses open communication and transparency to cultivate a team approach to problem-solving.
  • Encourages peer accountability while insisting on mutual respect.
  • Is energetic and fun; celebrating often and rewarding innovation.