Provider Partnership

As we rapidly shift to clinically-integrated, person-centered care, we offer a network of accountable providers who cater to individuals and community health in a broader sense. Part of accomplishing this goal was identifying the need to support physician practices and to create Accountable Health Networks.

Healthcare reform led to the rise of organizations that tie reimbursements to quality metrics and reductions in the total cost of care for certain populations. Our industry is changing from a billing-by-volume system to one that rewards high quality care. To adapt in this transforming environment, we engage with our physicians as leaders in this changing delivery system. By positioning our physicians as “co-dependent equals,” it allows us to ensure that those on the front lines of care delivery stay connected and assist in the transition to accountable care.

Furthermore, in each market we are bringing necessary partners together as we provide comprehensive inpatient and outpatient care to those in need. This network helps us achieve seamless care delivery and improves health outcomes for our patients.

By forging new partnerships, we can reach beyond the doors of our care sites to maintain a healthier population in our communities. This is the final frontier of healthcare – making sure people are healthy where they live, work and play, not just when they come to us seeking assistance.

By delivering highly-coordinated care, it engages our patients and their families, involving them in making decisions and helping them realize their goals for person-centered care.

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