Turning kitchens into exam rooms.

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When to use Doctor On Demand:


1. If you are considering an ER or Urgent Care visit for a non-emergency issue


2. When your primary care physician is not available


3. When you are traveling and in need of non-emergency care


4. On nights, weekends or holidays when your doctor's office is not available



Download the app or visit DoctorOnDemand.com  



See a Doctor On Demand physician via video visit within minutes.



Each visit is just $49 – significantly less for most individuals than the copay for a typical urgent care or emergency room visit.


Great Care

See a board-certified Doctor On Demand physician licensed to provide care in your state. You can even get a prescription called in to your pharmacy.



Access in Apple or Google Play app stores and use on your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

How to Sign Up


Doctor On Demand with SCL Health offers you a way to connect with a doctor any time and anywhere at home, at work, or on the go.


1. Download the App


2. Tap "Sign Up"


3. If prompted for a referral code from your healthcare provider, please enter “SCLHealth”



Conditions We Treat

• Cold and Flu

• Sinus Infection 

• Nausea

• Rashes


• Diarrhea

• And More!