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Holy Rosary Healthcare Foundation receives grants

February 14, 2008

HRH Foundation receives part of $200,000 grant for workforce development

Holy Rosary Healthcare Foundation, in partnership with St. Vincent Healthcare Foundation (Billings) and St. James Healthcare Foundation (Butte), have been awarded a $200,000 grant for health occupations workforce development.

 The grant from the Montana Department of Commerce – Workforce Training Grant (WTG) Program, the awarding entity, will help Holy Rosary and Montana Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth Health Systems (SCLHS) affiliate hospitals recruit and train new employees.  The shortage of trained healthcare professionals is not only common in Montana but nationwide as well. 

 The goal of the WTG program is to recruit up to 10 new employees at Holy Rosary Healthcare (40 new employees statewide between the three facilities).  Specific positions that are involved in the grant funding include: certified nurses aid, nursing (LPN, ADN, RN), radiology technician, surgical technician, respiratory care practitioner and pharmacist.

HRH Foundation receives $80,000 grant for cardiovascular/diabetes prevention project

he Montana Department of Administration recently announced the Holy Rosary Healthcare Foundation was selected to receive an $80,000 grant to implement the cardiovascular disease and diabetes prevention project in eastern Montana.  Four sites were selected statewide including: Holy Rosary Healthcare Foundation (Miles City), St. Vincent Healthcare (Billings), St. Peter’s Hospital (Helena), and Community Hospital (Missoula). 

The individuals to be targeted through this program include:

  • Individuals diagnosed with pre-diabetes
  • History of gestational diabetes
  • Persons with components of metabolic syndrome (hyperlipidemia, hypertension, and BMI greater than or equal to 25)
  • Individuals exhibiting one or more of the following risk factors: increased cardiometabolic risk; family history of diabetes; cardiovascular disease; overweight; sedentary lifestyle; previously identified impaired glucose tolerance or impaired fasting glucose; hypertension; increased levels of triglycerides, low concentrations of high density-lipoprotein cholesterol, or both; delivery of baby weighing more than 9 pounds, polycystic ovary syndrome 

The Healthy Lifestyles program as part of the Montana cardiovascular disease and diabetes prevention project at Holy Rosary will consist of group education, exercise classes and individual consultation with trained lifestyle coaches over a 16-week period.  Personal consultation and follow-up with each participant continues for a full 12 months.  Holy Rosary, which will introduce the first class in February 2008, will be accepting 100 participants into five classes of 20.

The grant heavily subsidizes the program resulting in a $150 participation fee for the 16 weeks of classes (education, exercise, and coaching) and 12-month follow-up consultation.  In addition, scholarships are available based on income guidelines as a means to encourage entry for all.  An initial medical clearance by a medical provider is necessary for each participant before they may begin the program. 

Holy Rosary Healthcare Foundation, a not-for-profit 501(c)3 corporation, works to make a lasting difference toward health-related projects, services and solutions in eastern Montana.