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Mom Delivers Infant in Pickup Alongside I-70

June 23, 2008
Mom delivers infant in pickup alongside I-70 Tillie Fong and Alan Gathright Originally published 08:31 a.m., June 18, 2008 Updated 12:53 a.m., June 19, 2008 Mom Christine Suppes says she will have quite a story to tell her son. Daniel Suppes just couldn't wait to get out into the world. He was delivered by Aurora firefighters in the front seat of a pickup truck alongside Interstate 70 Wednesday morning. "It's been crazy," said mom Christine Suppes, 29, of Watkins, as she rested Wednesday at Anschutz Inpatient Pavilion at University Hospital in Aurora. "I never expected that we would be on Colorado TV today." The day began normally, with Suppes getting up at 6 a.m. to get ready to go to work as a chiropractic assistant in Wheat Ridge. "I started having pain and it started to get worse and worse," she said. "So, at 7 a.m., we tried to head in, to get to Lutheran hospital." Suppes' husband, Brent, 31, a diesel mechanic, drove her in his white GMC pickup truck, with 3-year-old daughter Leah in the back seat, along with Brent's father, Joe Suppes, 58. But at 7:10 a.m., while the truck was going west on I-70, Christine told Brent to pull off near Tower Road. "I was starting to push," she said. "I told them to call 911." It was Grandpa who made the call, while Dad watched anxiously. "I was hoping that the paramedics would get to us before the baby was born," said Brent. Delivery occurred within minutes of the paramedics' arrival. Mom and baby fine "Luckily, it was real close to our Station 12," said Aurora fire Capt. Mark Turley. "They called 911, our guys showed up and our paramedic delivered a nice, healthy baby boy at 7:17 a.m. "Mom and the baby are fine. Everything looks great." At the time of the birth, all Christine could think was, "It was kind of embarrassing," but after Beau was born, "I felt fine." Fox 31's helicopter camera caught the scene as a firefighter gingerly cradled the newborn on its first sunny morning of life. Mom and baby were whisked to the hospital, and Dad also went in the ambulance, while Grandpa and Leah followed in the pickup. 'It just happened so fast' Wednesday afternoon, Beau Daniel Suppes slept peacefully in his mother's arms. "He's fine - no problems," said Christine, beaming. "I'm fine. I feel great." Her husband was just trying to absorb the experience, while his father called it "exciting." "It just happened so fast," said Joe Suppes. "I couldn't hope for a better outcome." Joe was so flustered that he left a confusing message for his sister, Debra Ullnick, 52, of Brighton, when he called her. "He said, um, Leah had her baby, I mean, Chris had her baby and the fireman delivered it, um, OK, bye," recalled Ullnick. "I just laughed - Leah? And what do you mean, fireman?" Christine said she plans to tell Beau about his birth when he gets older. In the meantime, if she has another child, the family will probably do things a little differently. "I'm just going to stay in the hospital for the last few weeks," she said.