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Providence Brings the World’s Most Advanced Multislice CT System to KCK

August 01, 2008

Providence Medical Center has joined the ranks of the country’s premier health care providers that offer patients access to the world’s most advanced multislice computed tomography (CT) system, by recently installing the Aquilion™ 64 from Toshiba America Medical Systems, Inc. The new 64-slice scanner represents a $1 million investment and is located near the hospital’s new expanded emergency facility, which is currently under construction.

Featuring the most sophisticated multislice CT technologies available, the Aquilion 64 can capture precise images of any area of the body in as little as a 10-second breath-hold. The fast scanning capabilities and unmatched image quality offer significant benefits for a quick and accurate diagnosis of trauma patients experiencing chest pain or stroke. Additionally, chest exams, which take 20 to 30 minutes with a standard CT scanner, can now be performed in just 19 seconds with images that allow physicians to see internal injuries and disease in greater detail than ever before.

In addition to delivering fast CT scans, Providence expects to significantly increase its exam capacity – which means more patients can be treated faster with greater diagnostic confidence.

Wyandotte County residents now have access to state-of-the-art CT imaging technology at Providence,” says Janet Seeman, Providence director of Radiology. “With the Aquilion 64, our physicians are seeing more anatomical information than previously thought possible, which means we can diagnose problems like blood clots, infections and cancer in greater detail and with more clarity. As a result, we now have the ability to make an accurate diagnosis at earlier stages, which means that patients can begin receiving treatment sooner for potentially better outcomes. Furthermore, the Aquilion 64 may prove to be life-saving technology for trauma patients by providing faster, more precise images of bones, organs and internal bleeding.”

With the coverage and speed capabilities of the Aquilion 64, a wider range of patients also may have more options to undergo noninvasive procedures. For example, the system can be used to more accurately visualize soft plaque and measure blockages in arteries, aiding in the detection of heart disease, which has historically required more invasive or surgical procedures to confirm a diagnosis.

Another benefit of the Aquilion 64 design is that its detector features a highly efficient ceramic material that is able to reduce the overall radiation exposure to patients, as well as to hospital staff. The system’s dose control features provide up to a 40 percent total dose reduction for the patient to make exams as safe and comfortable as possible.  The system also accommodates the scanning of both larger and taller patients with the ability to expand its field-of-view to accommodate specific patient sizes and clinical needs.