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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle… & Shop

June 01, 2009
It’s time up for the St. Vincent Healthcare Warehouse Garage Sale. Come shop this Saturday, June 6th from 8:00am – Noon at the St. Vincent Healthcare downtown warehouse at 501 N. 22nd Street. (Across from North Park) This public “garage” sale is an activity of the St. Vincent Healthcare Environmental Stewardship Committee, in celebration of World Environment Day. Reduce and reuse, that is the spirit of the St. Vincent Warehouse Sale. Unused items are reused by those who need and want them; area non-profit organizations…or you! The main items include office goods, equipment and room décor. St. Vincent employees participate as an organization and as individuals by remaining dedicated to the three components of reducing waste; reducing our consumption, reusing what can be reused, then recycling used goods into other useful items. All funds raised will go toward the Environmental Stewardship Fund, used to further promote recycling ad environmental initiatives.