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HRH earns 3 National Awards for Quality Patient Care

August 18, 2009
Holy Rosary Healthcare has been named a top performer in a national healthcare values-based project that rewards hospitals for delivering high quality care in clinical areas. Holy Rosary has been part of the multi-year project lead by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) that compares actual patient clinical outcomes at 250 hospitals across the country with evidence-based ideal patient care models. Holy Rosary received three awards for their performance in the clinical areas of pneumonia, heart failure, and hip and knee surgery. “Patient care and quality are the top priorities at Holy Rosary Healthcare,” said John Isely, Interim CEO. “We value programs that measure our hospital performance against others nationally. We welcome the feedback and measurement as it facilitates ongoing quality improvement. Our successes in this project reflect our ongoing efforts to constantly improve the quality of care patients consistently receive at Holy Rosary.” “The successes of the hospitals in this quality project have led to its consideration as the basis for key national health reforms,” said Susan DeVore, Premier President and CEO. “As the proposal of a national values-based purchasing program becomes a reality, hospitals participating in this particular project will be ahead of many with five years experience operating in such a model.” For the 250 hospitals participating nationally in the hospital quality project, the average Composite Quality Score (CQS), an aggregate of all quality measures within each clinical area, improved by 17.2 percent in the first four years of the project. Additional research by Premier, the company measuring and tracking the results of the project, using the Hospital Compare dataset showed that, by March 2008, HQID participants scored on average 6.9 percentage points higher (94.64 percent to 87.36 percent) than non-participants when evaluating 19 common Hospital Compare measures. View previous news articles