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Foundation Provides Grant for Butte School District Pulse Oximeters

December 21, 2009
The Butte Silver Bow Public Schools Education Foundation recently received a grant from the St. James Healthcare Foundation to purchase pulse oximeters for all nine schools in Butte School District #1. The pulse oximeters will enable school nurses, and other school personnel acting in the absence of the school nurse, to quickly and accurately determine pulse rates and oxygen levels in students and/or staff members in Butte School District # 1, who have seizures or cardiac and/or respiratory conditions. According to Butte School District # 1 School Nurse, Dot Warner, RN, BSN, “Having the pulse oximeters, which record pulse rate and the percentage of oxygen in the circulatory system, will help school nurses or other personnel quickly assess situations and appropriately determine the next step. Oftentimes, having this digital reading helps to assure an individual who has suffered an asthma episode, for example, that his or her prescribed inhaler or medication is working. It also can help us assess when the individual should consult a health care professional.” The pulse oximeter is smaller than a cell phone and can be comfortably placed on the fingertip of children or adults. This tool is used frequently in hospitals, clinics, medical offices, rehabilitation centers and sports arenas.