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HRHs Healthy Lifestyles Class Begins in Miles City, Colstrip in February

December 17, 2009
Holy Rosary Healthcare is beginning its fifth session of Healthy Lifestyles, a 16-week weight management and healthy living wellness program. The classes begin in early February in Miles City and in Colstrip as part of a new partnership between Holy Rosary Healthcare and Colstrip Medical Center. HRH teamed up with Fallon Medical Complex in the fourth session and the class was well attended in Baker. HRH will be accepting up to 50 people in Miles City and up to 20 participants in Colstrip. While the classes begin in February, pre-class assessments start in January. Interested parties are encouraged to enroll now as the classes fill quickly.

“We’re excited about the addition of the Colstrip site based on the results from the Baker community in our last session,” said Liane Vadheim, RD, one of the program’s lifestyle coaches and instructors. “Our participants in Colstrip will join the class through the telemed system and will have exercise opportunities in Colstrip.”

Over 300 participants have participated in the first three programs. So far, they have lost over 4,000 pounds, lowered their blood pressure and cholesterol and report higher energy.

People at risk for diabetes and cardiovascular or heart disease have a unique opportunity to participate in medically guided, healthy living and weight management courses in Miles City. This project is funded, in part or in whole, under a $90,000 grant award contract between the HRH Foundation and the Montana Department of Public Health & Human Services.

The program is divided into two main sections -- the 16-week core program and the six months of follow-up curriculum. The 16-week core program includes:

  • weight loss and lifestyle goal setting
  • personal lifestyles coach for 1:1 coaching
  • weekly educational sessions monitoring patient status on goal attainment
  • diet and physical activity recommendations
  • guided exercise activities available at least twice weekly (available after fifth session)

The six months of follow-up curriculum includes:

  • ongoing meetings with personal lifestyles coach
  • monthly educational group sessions
  • additional assistance and tracking of lifestyle goals
  • activities to keep participants on track and working toward their long-term lifestyle changes

Miles City participants may choose to attend 16 weekly educational classes on Wednesdays at 5:15 pm or Thursdays at 5:30pm, beginning February 4th. Colstrip participants will join the Thursday class through the telemed system at Colstrip Medical Center. The enrollment fee for the 10-month program is $150, which is subsidized by the state grant. Scholarships are available based on income guidelines. This project is funded, in part or in whole, under a contract with the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services.

For more information or for an enrollment packet, call 233.4067 in Miles City or Bess Reid in Colstrip at 748-3600.