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Presentation February 3 for Parkinson's and essential tremor treatment options

January 24, 2010
If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease or essential tremor, you're probably searching for information, answers, and ways to cope with the symptoms of these neurological disorders. Treatment Options for Parkinson's Disease and Essential Tremor, a seminar offered February 3 by St. Mary's, may provide what you're looking for.

Approximately 1.5 million people are living with Parkinson's disease, characterized by stiffness, slowed movement, and tremors. Essential tremor is more common, with about 10 million Americans diagnosed. Symptoms of essential tremor include shaking in the hands or arms and sometimes head, voice, legs, or trunk.

Although there is currently no cure, the motor symptoms of both conditions can sometimes be managed through medication or an FDA-approved surgical treatment called deep brain stimulation, explains neurosurgeon Robert Fox, MD. "Deep brain stimulation is an adjustable, reversible surgical treatment in which a medical device, similar to a pacemaker, is implanted," he says. "The device delivers electrical stimulation enabling the brain circuits that control movement to function better." Working as a team, neurologists and neurosurgeons help determine which treatment is appropriate, and manage and monitor the patient's condition.

Treatment Options for Parkinson's Disease and Essential Tremor Wednesday, February 3 5:30­-7:00 pm Java City coffee shop St. Mary's Advanced Medicine Pavilion 750 Wellington Avenue, Grand Junction, Colorado Entrance 26.

Presentation by: Robert H. Fox, MD, neurosurgeon Joel M. Dean, DO, neurologist -Drs. Fox and Dean will answer audience questions. -Refreshments will be served. -Open to the public. No reservation required.