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St. Vincent Healthcare First Healthcare Provider in Region to Protect Patients with New Endoscope Cleaning Technology

February 01, 2010

Billings, Montana – January 28, 2010 - Advanced Sterilization Products (ASP) is pleased to announce that St. Vincent Healthcare has become the first Healthcare organization in the region to adopt a ground-breaking innovation in endoscopy, the EVOTECH™ Endoscope Cleaner and Reprocessor. The EVOTECH System provides automated, consistent cleaning and high-level disinfection of endoscopes, enabling St. Vincent to eliminate manual cleaning processes and reduce the risk of infection during colonoscopies and other endoscopic procedures — bringing peace of mind to patients and staff alike.

The EVOTECHTM System is the first and only commercially available solution to automate the complete endoscope cleaning and reprocessing cycle. By removing the need to manually clean endoscopes, the EVOTECH System eliminates the potential for human variation in the process, which increases the risk of patient infection. Now, patients having an endoscopic procedure at St. Vincent Healthcare’s GI Diagnostic Center can rest assured that the endoscopes will be consistently clean.

For St. Vincent Healthcare, the EVOTECH System not only helps to protect patients from infection, but also improves the operational efficiency of the facility. The system’s automation frees up staff to focus on patient care, and its fast reprocessing cycle time of 33 minutes or less ensures the availability of clean endoscopes.

“We are excited to help St. Vincent elevate its standards of endoscopic care, efficiency and patient safety to whole new level through the latest advancements in technology,” said Catherine Rocco, RN, MSN, Clinical Education Consultant, Advanced Sterilization Products.

The EVOTECH System features include:

  • Integrated Minimum Effective Concentration (MEC) monitoring that eliminates the need to handle high-level disinfectant, limiting the chance of staff exposure.
  • Automated leak detection at the beginning and end of the cycle, which helps ensure endoscope integrity.
  • Built-in alcohol flush that complies with SGNA recommendations to promote drying of endoscopes.
  • Single-use high-level disinfection using glutaraldehyde-free CIDEX® OPA Concentrate Solution to ensure consistent quality of care.
  • Dual, independent basins that offer cleaning and reprocessing in 33 minutes or less. Audible alarm can be turned on to alert of cycle completion.

The EVOTECH System does not eliminate bedside precleaning in the procedure room and no manual cleaning is required when selecting a cycle that has a wash stage. Manual cleaning of medical devices (endoscopes) is required when selecting the Disinfect only or Disinfect/Alcohol Flush Cycle.

The EVOTECH System is indicated for use with high-level disinfectant CIDEX® OPA Concentrate Solution and an enzymatic detergent (CIDEZYME® GI Enzymatic Detergent Solution) to achieve cleaning and high-level disinfection of heat sensitive (>60° C) semi-critical flexible endoscopes.

For more information about the EVOTECH System, please visit www.evotechecr.com or call 1-888-783-7723.

About St. Vincent Healthcare

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