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St. Vincent Children’s Healthcare: Community Partners Team Up

May 04, 2010
First Interstate Bank & Costco Join St. Vincent Children’s Healthcare Mission

Billings, Montana – St. Vincent Healthcare is pleased to announce another community partnership working to enhance the environment in which our kids heal at St. Vincent Children’s Healthcare. A generous donation of nearly $6,000 from First Interstate Bank and Costo-Billings placed new 32” televisions and Wii entertainment systems on the pediatric floor. Both the new televisions and Wii entertainment systems are tremendous contributions, especially for sick children with extended says at St. Vincent.

Jennifer Miller, RN, Manager of St. Vincent Children’s Healthcare was generous in her praise, “We thank Mr. Randy Scott (First Interstate Bank) and Mike Clough (Costco-Billings) and the donors in their companies for this great gift. Many of the children in the Pediatric Floor require extended stays. In some cases the technology breaks up the boredom of several days in the unit for a child. For some children, the Wii technology allows the young patient to be more active during their hospitalization. And for others, their family members are entertained while staying with a loved one.”

David Irion, President and CEO of the St. Vincent Healthcare Foundation noted, “Generous donations from corporate philanthropists have made a huge difference in advancing the Montana Pediatric Project’s vision to bring the best in advanced pediatric care to Montanans including a more enjoyable stay in the hospital. What a great investment for kids!”

St. Vincent Children’s Healthcare and The Montana Pediatric Project
The combination of St. Vincent Children’s Healthcare and The Montana Pediatric Project is working to heal our kids closer to home. It is building partnerships with hospitals and medical experts across the state, help us use the best pediatric medical resources our state has available, and will ensure if our children must leave their own hospitals, they can come here and then return home to heal in their own communities.

The Montana Pediatric Project, a philanthropic mission of the St. Vincent Healthcare Foundation, is established to improve access to, and the quality of, pediatric health care throughout Montana and beyond. The Montana Pediatric Project works to connect a forum of medical professionals to work together to heal children across our region. The project also works to facilitate pediatric medical training, telemedicine technology, parent education and pediatric clinical research for our rural region.