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EGSMC - Top Employer in Boulder & Broomfield Counties

August 09, 2010
Daily Camera Top 50 employers in Boulder and Broomfield counties: IBM back on top Big Blue leads Camera's list of area's largest companies By Alicia Wallace Camera Business Writer Posted:07/26/2010 12:35:30 AM MDT The process To compile the list, the Camera ran announcements seeking entries and also contacted nearly 100 businesses. The newspaper ranked the companies by the number of full-time employees based in Boulder and Broomfield counties. The rankings do not include government agencies or nonprofit groups, meaning employers such as the University of Colorado, school districts and hospitals are absent. Accompanying this year`s list is a snapshot of the dozen largest public-sector employers in the area. Companies were asked to submit the number of full-time employees, but some submitted figures that possibly included part-time employees. Walmart officials said the 1,308-employee figure for its five area stores potentially includes part-time workers. This year, some of the area`s top employers either could not be reached for participation or declined to disclose local site information. Starting this year, IBM Corp. is no longer disclosing employment figures for its individual sites. Officials for Oracle Corp., which in the past has not disclosed individual campus` information, did not return numerous voicemails and e-mails requesting participation. To rectify these issues of non-disclosure and to ensure the area`s biggest employers (those with more than 1,000 employees) are represented accurately, the Camera used information from public documents and figures gathered by municipalities and economic development organizations to obtain employment figures. In cases where a business is a division of a larger entity, the parent company`s financial information may appear and is noted in that manner. A company`s local site or regional headquarters is listed as the address, if it is applicable. In cases where there is no single division or regional headquarters, the parent company`s address is listed. If a company did not disclose sales or earnings, the term "WND" is used to indicate the company would not disclose information and subsequent research or public documents did not provide an answer. Some foreign entities` financial figures have been calculated into dollars using the conversion rates as of the end-date of the full- or fiscal-year`s earnings report. The companies` descriptions have been edited for grammar, clarity and space. Accompanying information submitted by the companies, Securities and Exchange Commission filings, financial wire service information, financial Web sites and the Camera archived were used to compile this list. More than midway through 2010, Boulder and Broomfield counties` largest employers appear somewhat battered but not completely beaten amid the worst economic downturn in decades. However, for some companies, the employment figures posted in the Camera`s 2010 list of the top 50 largest private-sector employers in the two-county area remain at much lower levels than past years. Five years ago, IBM Corp. topped the list with 4,500 local employees, Ball Corp. followed with 2,975 people and Sun Microsystems Inc. had 2,700 workers at its Broomfield campus. IBM -- which three years ago spun off its 550-employee printing division -- now has about 2,800 people at its Boulder campus; Ball bounced below the 2,000-person mark and, after many bouts of layoffs, Sun set into the hands of software giant Oracle. Those three companies also embody some quirks in this year`s ranking: IBM officials said the Armonk, N.Y.-based company would no longer disclose individual sites` employment figures; Ball officials said they provided inaccurate information in the past and Oracle officials did not return numerous calls and e-mails during the past two months from the Camera. To obtain accurate representations of IBM and Oracle`s local presence, the Camera used a variety of sources -- from federal, state and municipal public documents to additional research conducted by area economic development organizations. IBM`s 2,800-employee count, as documented in an incentive request submitted to the city of Boulder late last year, could grow in the next few years as Big Blue plans to add 500 more local jobs. Oracle`s 1,850-person figure aligns with the Camera`s calculations following Sun`s numerous rounds of layoffs during the past couple years. This year`s list also exemplifies the emergence of some burgeoning companies as significant players in the Boulder-area economic. One prime example is Covidien, the health-care services company that spun out of Tyco three years ago. Covidien continued to expand its operations in Boulder -- where two of its five divisions are based -- filling up new Gunbarrel buildings and adding more than 500 full-time jobs in one year`s time. Also experiencing growth were video-conferencing firm Polycom, which added 155 people; WhiteWave Foods, which had a headcount gain of 122 and the now-publicly traded DigitalGlobe Inc., which gained 105 workers. Absent from this year`s list are Target, which reported about 700 people in the past; Crocs, which ranked No. 28 last year with 300 employees; and Xcel Energy, which was No. 36 last year with 230 employees. Those three and other potential list-makers such as -- Brocade, GHX and Google -- either did not make a submission by the deadline or declined to participate. THE TOP 50 LOCAL BUSINESSES 1.) IBM Corp. Address: 6300 Diagonal Highway, Boulder, 80301 Phone: 303-924- 6300 Web site: ibm.com Stock exchange/symbol: NYSE/IBM Employees in Boulder/Broomfield counties: 2,800 Worldwide employees: 339,409 Local executive: Larry Longseth 2009 revenue: $95.8 billion 2009 net income/(loss): $13.4 billion Description: Armonk, N.Y.-based IBM is an information technology company. Update: IBM continued focusing on "smarter planet" initiatives, cloud computing and business analytics. 2.) Covidien (parent of Energy-based Devices unit and Respiratory and Monitoring Solutions unit) Address: Energy-based Devices: 5920 Longbow Drive, Boulder, 80301; Respiratory and Monitoring Solutions, 6135 Gunbarrel Ave., Boulder, 80301 Phone: Energy-based Devices: 303-530-2400; Respiratory and Monitoring Solutions: 303-305-2400 Web site: covidien.com Stock exchange/symbol: NYSE/COV Employees in Boulder/Broomfield counties: 2,300 Worldwide employees: 42,000 Local executive: Energy-based Devices: Bryan C. Hanson; Respiratory and Monitoring Solutions: Peter L. Wehrly 2009 revenue: $10.7 billion 2009 net income/(loss): $907 million Description: Ireland-based Covidien is a leading global health care products company that manufactures, distributes and services a diverse range of product lines in three segments: medical devices, pharmaceuticals and medical supplies. Update: Celebrating its three-year anniversary, the company's key accomplishments to date: continued strong improvements in gross margin; ongoing increases in investments to support vigorous global R&D initiatives and to secure third-party technologies; and steady market gains through superior innovation and better alignment with high-potential growth opportunities, officials said. Public sector snapshot To give some perspective on Boulder and Broomfield counties' employment picture, below are the top dozen employers in the government or nonprofit sector. Some of the figures provided by these organizations are full-time equivalents and may not represent full-time employees: University of Colorado: 6,827 Boulder Valley School District: 2,760 St. Vrain Valley Schools: 2,700 Boulder County: 1,780 NCAR/UCAR: 1,520 Boulder Community Hospital: 1,289 Exempla Good Samaritan: 1,166 City of Boulder: 11,64 Longmont United Hospital: 989 City of Longmont: 798 City and county of Broomfield: 715 Avista Adventist Hospital: 650 3.) Level 3 Communications Inc. Address: 1025 Eldorado Blvd., Broomfield 80021 Phone: 720-888- 1000 Web site: level3.com Stock exchange/symbol: Nasdaq/LVLT Employees in Boulder/Broomfield counties: 2,000 Worldwide employees: 5,300 Local executive: James Q. Crowe 2009 revenue: $3.8 billion 2009 net income/(loss): ($618 million) Description: Broomfield-based Level 3 Communications is an international operator of one of the largest Internet backbones in the world. Update: None provided. 4.) Ball Corp. (corporate headquarters and parent to Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp.) Address: Corporate headquarters: 10 Longs Peak Drive, Broomfield, 80021; Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp.: 1600 Commerce St., Boulder, 80301 Phone: Ball Corp.: 303-469- 3131; Ball Aerospace: 303-939-4000 Fax: Ball Aerospace: 303-939-6104 Web site: Ball Corp.: ball.com; Ball Aerospace: ballaerospace.com Stock exchange/symbol: NYSE/BLL Employees in Boulder/Broomfield counties: 1,954 (Ball Corp: 277; Ball Aerospace: 1,677) Worldwide employees: 14,000 (Ball Aerospace: 2,675) Local executive: Ball Corp.: R. David Hoover; Ball Aerospace: David L. Taylor 2009 revenue: $7.3 billion (Ball Corp.); $689.2 million (Ball Aerospace) 2009 net income/(loss): $387.9 million Description: Broomfield-based Ball specializes in the packaging of beverage, food and household items. Its Boulder-based subsidiary, Ball Aerospace & Technologies, develops and manufactures spacecraft, advanced instruments and sensors, components, data exploitation systems and radio frequency solutions for strategic, tactical and scientific applications. Update: Ball acquired four U.S. metal beverage packaging plants from Anheueser-Busch InBev to become the largest metal beverage packaging company in the world. The Ball Aerospace-built WorldView-2 remote satellite launched successfully and began returning high-resolution images 11 days after the satellite's launch. Ball Aerospace also launched the Kepler and WISE satellites. 5.) Oracle Corp. Address: 500 Eldorado Blvd., Broomfield, 80021 Phone: 800-786- 0404 Web site: oracle.com Stock exchange/symbol: Nasdaq/ORCL Employees in Boulder/Broomfield counties: 1,850 Worldwide employees: 105,000 Local executive: None provided 2009 revenue: $26.8 billion 2009 net income/(loss): $6.1 billion Description: Redwood Shores, Calif.-based Oracle provides integrated business software and hardware systems and has more than 370,000 customers -- including 100 of the Fortune 100 -- representing a variety of sizes and industries in more than 145 countries around the globe. Update: Oracle Corp. acquired Sun Microsystems in a $7.4 billion deal. 6.) Walmart Stores Inc. Address: 702 Southwest Eighth St., Bentonville, Ark., 72716 Phone: 800-331- 0085 Web site: ww.walmart.com Stock exchange/symbol: NYSE/WMT Employees in Boulder/Broomfield counties: 1,308 Worldwide employees: 2.1 million Local executive: None provided. 2009 revenue: $408.2 billion 2009 net income/(loss): $14.3 billion Description: Bentonville, Ark.-based Walmart operates retail stores worldwide. Update: Walmart recently opened a new Supercenter at 4651 W. 121st Ave. in Broomfield and closed its Sam's Club warehouse store in Louisville. 7.) Seagate Technology Address: 389 Disc Drive, Longmont, 80503 Phone: 720-684- 1900 Web site: seagate.com Stock exchange/symbol: Nasdaq/STX Employees in Boulder/Broomfield counties: 1,123 Worldwide employees: 47,000 Local executive: Jeff Mason 2009 revenue: $11.4 billion 2009 net income/(loss): $1.6 billion Description: Scotts Valley, Calif.-based Seagate designs, manufactures, markets hard disk drives and storage technologies for a wide range of applications, including enterprise, desktop, mobile computing, consumer electronics and branded products. Update: None provided. 8.) Amgen Inc. Address: 4000 Nelson Road, Longmont, 80503 Phone: 303-401- 1000 Web site: amgen.com Stock exchange/symbol: Nasdaq/AMGN Employees in Boulder/Broomfield counties: 920 Worldwide employees: 17,070 Local executive: Dave Bengston 2009 revenue: $14.6 billion 2009 net income/(loss): $4.6 billion Description: Thousand Oaks, Calif.-based Amgen is a biotechnology company. Update: Amgen also completed final FDA inspections for a new medication, Prolia, approved in 2010. The two Amgen facilities in Boulder and Longmont continue to support worldwide manufacturing of these medications. 9.) King Soopers (a division of the Kroger Co.) Address: 65 Tejon St., Denver, 80223 Phone: 303-778- 3100 Fax: 303-778-3200 Web site: kingsoopers.com Stock exchange/symbol: NYSE/KR Employees in Boulder/Broomfield counties: 910 Worldwide employees: 19,595 (King Soopers); 334,000 (parent company) Local executive: Russ Dispense 2009 revenue: $76.7 billion (parent company) 2009 net income/(loss): $70 million (parent company) Description: King Soopers is a division of the Cincinnati-based grocery chain operator Kroger Co. Update: In 2009, King Soopers completed an extensive remodel of its 1650 30th St. Boulder store and opened its largest store, a 100,000-square-foot market in Broomfield. 10.) West Corp. (parent of Intrado Inc. and InterCall) Address: Intrado: 1601 Dry Creek Drive, Longmont, 80503; InterCall: 1157 Century Drive, Louisville 80027 Phone: Intrado: 720-494-5800; InterCall: 303-928-2900 Fax: Intrado: 720-494-6600 Web site: Intrado: intrado.com; InterCall: intercall.com Stock exchange/symbol: Privately held Employees in Boulder/Broomfield counties: 889 (Intrado: 800; InterCall: 89) Worldwide employees: 41,000 (Intrado: 1,200; InterCall: 2,000) Local executive: Intrado: George Heinrichs; InterCall: Cambria Vaccaro 2009 revenue: $2.4 billion 2009 net income/(loss): $88.2 million Description: Supporting more than 240 million 911 calls annually, the employees of Intrado, a subsidiary of Omaha, Neb.-based West Corp., work around-the-clock to develop and maintain the systems that allow people to get the help they need when they dial 911. InterCall is the world's largest conferencing and collaboration services provider, connecting people through advanced audio, Web, video and event services. Update: Intrado A9-1-1 TXT29-1-1 is the company's latest advancement. Citizens now can securely send an SMS (short messaging service) text message directly to 911 to get the help they need even when verbal communication is not possible. In 2009, InterCall launched its most comprehensive platform to date, InterCall Unified Meeting, providing customers with the easiest and fastest meeting access available in the market, company officials say. InterCall also acquired Steam57, a provider of Web and streaming media products and services. 11.) Hunter Douglas Window Fashions (a part of Hunter Douglas Group NV) Address: One Duette Way, Broomfield, 80020 Phone: 303-466- 1848 Fax: 303-876-3630 Web site: hunterdouglas.com Stock exchange/symbol: Parent company's stock trades on the Amsterdam exchange Employees in Boulder/Broomfield counties: 792 Worldwide employees: 16,500 Local executive: Richard M. Pellett 2009 revenue: $2.4 billion (parent company) 2009 net income/(loss): $120 million (parent company) Description: Hunter Douglas Window Fashions Division, a part of the Netherlands-based Hunter Douglas Group, is the largest product development and manufacturing facility within Hunter Douglas North America, a leading manufacturer of custom-made window fashions and architectural products. Update: The company's proprietary Duette Architella collection, which was specifically developed for its enhanced energy-efficiency properties, was qualified as the first and only window shade without add-on insulation systems to be eligible for the federal tax credit for energy efficiency. 12.) InfoPrint Solutions Co. (a company of Ricoh Co. Ltd.) Address: 6300 Diagonal Highway, Boulder, 80301 Phone: 877-646- 3677 Web site: infoprint.com Stock exchange/symbol: Privately held Employees in Boulder/Broomfield counties: 725 Worldwide employees: 2,700 Local executive: Daisuke Segawa 2009 revenue: $21.6 billion (parent company) 2009 net income/(loss): $298.3 million (parent company) Description: InfoPrint Solutions, a spinoff of IBM that became a wholly owned company of Japan-based Ricoh this year, is a provider of digital output products and services and is a combination of IBM's 50 years of enterprise printing experience with Ricoh's office expertise. Update: In 2009, InfoPrint Solutions continued to expand its position in the high-speed, color inkjet production printer market. It also maintained, and even broadened, its footprint in the precision marketing space with a number of new customers including CSG Systems and Sinclair Oil. 13.) Whole Foods Market Inc. Address: 1821 30th St., Unit A, Boulder, 80301 Phone: 303-440- 5220 Web site: wholefoodsmarket.com Stock exchange/symbol: Nasdaq/WFMI Employees in Boulder/Broomfield counties: 712 Worldwide employees: 54,000 Local executive: Will Paradise 2009 revenue: $8 billion 2009 net income/(loss): $146.8 million Description: Austin, Texas-based Whole Foods Market is the country's first national certified-organic grocer. Update: Through the Local Producer Loan Program, the company awarded small business loans to two local vendors, Oogave Sodas and ImagiPlay Toys. "Health Starts Here" launched this winter to provide shoppers and team members with clear healthy eating choices and support. 14.) Lockheed Martin Corp. (owner of Lockheed Martin Information Systems and Global Services and Lockheed Martin Coherent Technologies, which is part of Lockheed Martin Space Systems) Address: Lockheed Martin IS&GS: 6304 Spine Road, Boulder, 80301; Lockheed Martin Coherent Technologies: 135 South Taylor Ave., Louisville, 80027 Phone: Lockheed Martin IS&GS: 303-527-0448; Lockheed Martin Coherent Technologies: 303-604-2000 Web site: lockheedmartin.com Stock exchange/symbol: NYSE/LMT Employees in Boulder/Broomfield counties: 680 (Lockheed Martin IS&GS: 500; Lockheed Martin Coherent Technologies: 180) Worldwide employees: 136,000 Local executive: Lockheed Martin IS&GS: None provided; Lockheed Martin Coherent Technologies: Paul Engola 2009 revenue: $45.2 billion (parent company); (Lockheed Martin IS&GS: $12.1 billion; ockheed Martin Space Systems: $8.7 billion) 2009 net income/(loss): $3 billion (parent company) Description: Headquartered in Bethesda, Md., Lockheed Martin is a global security company that is principally engaged in the research, design, development, manufacture, integration and sustainment of advanced technology systems, products and services. Update: None provided. 15.) Sandoz Inc. (a Novartis company) Address: 2555 W. Midway Blvd., Broomfield, 80038 Phone: 303-466- 2400 Fax: 303-438-4474 Web site: us.sandoz.com Stock exchange/symbol: NYSE/NVS Employees in Boulder/Broomfield counties: 550 Worldwide employees: 100,000 Local executive: Khalid Nasim 2009 revenue: $44.3 billion (parent company) 2009 net income/(loss): $8.5 billion (parent company) Description: Sandoz, a business of Switzerland-based Novartis AG, is one of the largest manufacturers of generic pharmaceutical products in the United States, offering a broad portfolio of generic medicines. In business since 1946, Sandoz develops, manufactures and distributes competitive, high-quality pharmaceuticals from its Broomfield site, officials said. Update: None provided. 16.) WhiteWave Foods (a division of Dean Foods Co.) Address: 12002 Airport Way, Broomfield, 80021 Phone: 303-635- 4000 Web site: whitewave.com Stock exchange/symbol: NYSE/DF Employees in Boulder/Broomfield counties: 507 Worldwide employees: 1,882 (WhiteWave); 27,157 (parent company) Local executive: Blaine McPeak 2009 revenue: $2.7 billion (WhiteWave-Morningstar businesses); $11.2 billion (parent company) 2009 net income/(loss): $240.3 million (parent company) Description: WhiteWave Foods, a division of Dallas-based Dean Foods, creates healthy, innovative and responsibly produced foods including natural and organic brands such as Horizon and Silk as well as other well-known brands including International Delight and Land O Lakes. Update: In 2009, Dean Foods acquired Alpro, a European leader in soy-based beverage and food products, which, in conjunction with WhiteWave's Silk brand, established the company as a worldwide leader in soy, company officials said. 17.) DigitalGlobe Inc. Address: 1601 Dry Creek Drive, Suite 260, Longmont, 80503 Phone: 303-684- 4000 Web site: digitalglobe.com Stock exchange/symbol: NYSE/DGI Employees in Boulder/Broomfield counties: 505 Worldwide employees: 560 Local executive: Jill Smith 2009 revenue: $281.9 million 2009 net income/(loss): $47.4 million Description: DigitalGlobe is a global provider of commercial, high-resolution, world imagery products and services that support a wide variety of uses from mapping and analysis to navigation technology. Update: DigitalGlobe made its initial public offering on May 15, 2009. On Oct. 8, 2009, DigitalGlobe launched WorldView-2, the company's latest high-resolution satellite, which effectively doubled the collection capacity of DigitalGlobe's constellation. 18.) (tie) Epsilon (a subsidiary of Alliance Data Systems Corp.) Address: 4401 Regent Blvd., Irving, Texas, 75063 Phone: 800-309- 0505 Web site: epsilon.com Stock exchange/symbol: NYSE/ADS Employees in Boulder/Broomfield counties: 500 Worldwide employees: 2,500 (Epsilon); 7,400 (parent company) Local executive: Brian Rainey 2009 revenue: $2 billion (parent company) 2009 net income/(loss): $143.7 million (parent company) Description: Epsilon, a subsidiary of the Dallas-based ADS, is a multi-channel marketing services provider. Update: Epsilon announced that the 66th Annual Advertising Age Agency Report ranked the firm as the No. 2 Direct Marketing Agency in the United States and No. 4 U.S. Agency From All Disciplines. 18.) (tie) Crispin Porter + Bogusky (a member of the MDC Partners network) Address: 6450 Gunpark Drive, Boulder, 80301 Phone: 303-628- 5100 Fax: 303-516-0227 Web site: cpbgroup.com Stock exchange/symbol: Nasdaq/MDCA Employees in Boulder/Broomfield counties: 500 Worldwide employees: 1,000 Local executive: Andrew Keller, Jeff Benjamin and Rob Reilly 2009 revenue: $545.9 million (parent company) 2009 net income/(loss): ($18.3 million) (parent company) Description: Based in Boulder, Miami and Gothenburg, Sweden, CP+B, a member of New York-based MDC Partners' network, is a creative agency with $1.2 billion in bookings and a client list that includes Burger King, Microsoft, Microsoft Windows Phone, Domino's Pizza, Coke Zero, Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, American Express OPEN, Old Navy, Gap, Best Buy and Geek Squad. Update: In 2009, CP+B was named Advertising Age's Agency of the Decade and Boards Magazine's Agency of the Year. CP+B also gained new clients Activision (Guitar Hero), Gap, Jose Cuervo and Brammo and opened CP+B Europe in Gothenburg, Sweden. 20.) Vail Resorts Inc. Address: 390 Interlocken Crescent, Broomfield, 80021 Phone: 303-404- 1800 Fax: 303-404-6415 Web site: vailresorts.com Stock exchange/symbol: NYSE/MTN Employees in Boulder/Broomfield counties: 475 Worldwide employees: 15,000 Local executive: Rob Katz 2009 revenue: $977 million 2009 net income/(loss): $49 million Description: Broomfield-based Vail Resorts, through its subsidiaries, operates mountain resorts in the U.S.; luxury hotels in the United States and in the Caribbean; and a real-estate planning, development and construction division. Update: Vail Resorts announced new initiatives in ski school (Adventure Sessions), dining (Epic Burger, Lunch for Less) and all-inclusive guided summer program (Epic Summer); sponsored Olympic medalist Lindsey Vonn in connection with the Epic Season Pass; and entered into a partnership with the U.S. Forest Service & National Forest Foundation to restore forest health and watershed in the Hayman Burn Area. 21.) Safeway Inc. Address: 6900 S. Yosemite, Centennial, 80112 Phone: 303-843- 7600 Web site: safeway.com Stock exchange/symbol: NYSE/SWY Employees in Boulder/Broomfield counties: 469 Worldwide employees: 197,000 Local executive: Scott Grimmett 2009 revenue: $40.9 billion 2009 net income/(loss): ($1.1 billion) Description: Pleasanton, Calif.-based Safeway is a retail grocery store chain operator. Update: None provided. 22.) MWH Global Inc. Address: 380 Interlocken Crescent, Suite 200, Broomfield, 80021 Phone: 303-533- 1900 Web site: mwhglobal.com Stock exchange/symbol: Privately held Employees in Boulder/Broomfield counties: 456 Worldwide employees: 6,000 Local executive: Robert Uhler 2009 revenue: $1.2 billion 2009 net income/(loss): $26 million Description: Broomfield-based MWH, positioned in the wet infrastructure sector, provides results-oriented management services, technical engineering, construction services and additional offerings. Update: Some highlights from 2009 include the completion of the Tekeze Dam, the tallest hydropower facility on the African continent; construction for the Aurora Prairie waters project; large water and wastewater capital improvement programs for United Utilities PLC in the United Kingdom and projects to protect water quality in the Sydney Harbour in Australia. 23.) TransFirst Holdings Inc. Address: 371 Centennial Parkway, Louisville, 80027 Phone: 303-417- 0000 Web site: transfirst.com Stock exchange/symbol: Privately held Employees in Boulder/Broomfield counties: 450 Worldwide employees: 778 Local executive: Steve Cadden 2009 revenue: $750.4 million 2009 net income/(loss): WND Description: Hauppauge, N.Y.-based TransFirst Holdings provides merchant services and credit card processing. Update: Company officials said TransFirst remained strong in a very unstable economic environment. 24.) McLane Western Inc. (a division of McLane Company Inc., a wholly owned unit of Berkshire Hathaway) Address: 2100 East Ken Pratt Blvd., Longmont, 80504 Phone: 303-682- 7500 Fax: 303-682- 7557 Web site: mclaneco.com Stock exchange/symbol: NYSE/BRK Employees in Boulder/Broomfield counties: 442 Worldwide employees: 15,000 (McLane Company); 220,000 (parent company) Local executive: Keith Pearson 2009 revenue: $1.25 billion (McLane Western); $34 billion (McLane Company); $112.5 billion (parent company) 2009 net income/(loss): $8.1 billion (parent company) Description: Supply services company McLane Western is a regional division of Temple, Texas-based wholesale food distributor McLane Company, a holding of Omaha, Neb.-based Berkshire Hathaway. Update: The 450 teammates and drivers of McLane Western remained committed to safety, working more than 1 million consecutive hours in 2009 without a lost-time injury. 25.) Micro Motion (a division of Emerson Process Management, which is a business of Emerson Electric Co.) Address: 7070 Winchester Circle, Boulder, 80301 Phone: 303-530- 8400 Fax: 303-530-8459 Web site: micromotion.com Stock exchange/symbol: NYSE/EMR Employees in Boulder/Broomfield counties: 438 Worldwide employees: 1,860 (local division); 129,000 (parent company) Local executive: Tom Moser 2009 revenue: $20.9 billion (parent company) 2009 net income/(loss): $1.7 billion Description: Micro Motion -- a division of the Emerson Process Management business of St. Louis-based Emerson -- delivers flow and density measurement technologies including the first two-wire Coriolis meter, a range of high capacity Coriolis meters and the new low-flow measurement technology for a wide range of industries and applications around the world. Update: None provided. 26.) Butterball LLC Address: 150 Main St., Longmont, 80501 Phone: 303-776- 6611 Web site: butterball.com Stock exchange/symbol: Privately held Employees in Boulder/Broomfield counties: 381 Worldwide employees: 5,500 Local executive: Frank Koekkoek Sr. 2009 revenue: WND 2009 net income/(loss): WND Description: Garner, N.C.-based Butterball produces more than 1 billion pounds of turkey each year, and the company supplies its products to more than 15 countries. Update: Butterball's Longmont facility has become a certified Hazmat provider; developed and implemented a facility-wide recycling program; and has significantly improved safety, averaging 64-percent better than the industry standard. 27.) Wall Street On Demand Address: 5718 Central Ave., Boulder, 80301 Phone: 303-417- 9999 Web site: wallst.com Stock exchange/symbol: Privately held Employees in Boulder/Broomfield counties: 376 Worldwide employees: 376 Local executive: Jim Tanner 2009 revenue: $48.2 million 2009 net income/(loss): WND Description: Boulder-based Wall Street On Demand's business is the design, development and hosting of custom Web sites, reports and tools for the financial services industry. Update: In addition to continuing to deliver design, development and technology offerings for the financial services industry, Wall Street On Demand entered the online ad serving market, serving more than 17 billion impressions a month and also implemented a Development University program where the company provides a six-week paid on-site training course for entry level Web developers with the intent of offering full-time positions to successful candidates of the program. 28.) Array BioPharma Inc. Address: 3200 Walnut St., Boulder, 80301 Phone: 303-381- 6600 Web site: arraybiopharma.com Stock exchange/symbol: Nasdaq/ARRY Employees in Boulder/Broomfield counties: 350 Worldwide employees: 350 Local executive: Robert E. Conway 2009 revenue: $25 million 2009 net income/(loss): ($127.8 million) Description: Boulder-based Array BioPharma is a biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of targeted small molecule drugs to treat patients afflicted with cancer, inflammatory and metabolic diseases. Update: Array signed two strategic collaborations with Novartis and Amgen that provide the Array with $105 million in initial payments, more than $1 billion in potential milestone payments, double-digit royalties and commercial co-detailing rights. 29.) General Electric (parent to GE Energy Control Solutions and GE Analytical Instruments) Address: GE: Energy Control Solutions: 1800 Nelson Road, Longmont, 80501; 6060 Spine Road, Boulder, 80301 Phone: GE Energy Control Solutions: 303-678-2600; GE Analytical Instruments: 303-444-2009 Fax: GE Analytical Instruments: 303-581-7887 Web site: ge.com; GE Energy Control Solutions: ge-energy.com; GE Analytical Instruments: geinstruments.com Stock exchange/symbol: NYSE/GE Employees in Boulder/Broomfield counties: 320 (GE Energy Control Solutions: 180; GE Analytical Instruments: 140) Worldwide employees: 304,000 (GE Energy Control Solutions: 600; GE Analytical Instruments: 205) Local executive: GE Analytical Instruments: Dr. Michael Routh 2009 revenue: $156.8 billion (parent company) 2009 net income/(loss): $11 billion (parent company) Description: Fairfield, Conn.-based GE operates as a global technology, media and financial services company. GE Energy Control Solutions, a unit of GE Energy, specializes in energy optimization and control; GE Analytical Instruments provides scientific instrumentation focused on water-quality analysis. Update: GE Analytical Instruments introduced a new analyzer for wastewater analysis, and the new Quality System Optimization professional services program for the pharmaceutical industry. 30.) Polycom Inc. Address: 5755 Central Ave., Boulder, 80301 Phone: 303-440- 5330 Web site: polycom.com Stock exchange/symbol: Nasdaq/PLCM Employees in Boulder/Broomfield counties: 310 Worldwide employees: 2,900 Local executive: Steve Adams 2009 revenue: $967 million 2009 net income/(loss): $49.9 million Description: Pleasanton, Calif.-based Polycom is a leader in providing telepresence, video, and voice communications products and services. Update: For Polycom, 2009 was a transformative year, officials said, adding the company weathered the economic crisis and helped its customers do the same using Polycom's innovative, productivity-enhancing voice and video collaboration solutions. 31.) McKesson Health Solutions (a division of McKesson Corp.) Address: 335 Interlocken Parkway, Broomfield, 80021 Phone: 303-466- 9500 Web site: healthsolutions.mckesson.com Stock exchange/symbol: NYSE/MCK Employees in Boulder/Broomfield counties: 292 Worldwide employees: 32,500 (parent company) Local executive: Peter Csapo 2009 revenue: $108.7 billion (parent company) 2009 net income/(loss): $1.3 billion (parent company) Description: McKesson Health Solutions, a division of San Francisco-based McKesson, is a provider of care management services to Medicaid agencies and commercial health plans. Update: McKesson Health Solutions launched Personal Health Advisor, a Web portal designed to help commercial health plans improve member engagement through interactive, online resources and a 24/7 nurse advice line. 32.) Key Equipment Finance (an affiliate of KeyCorp) Address: 1000 S. McCaslin Blvd., Superior, 80027 Phone: 720-304- 1000 Fax: 720-304-1250 Web site: kefonline.com Stock exchange/symbol: NYSE/KEY Employees in Boulder/Broomfield counties: 290 Worldwide employees: 684 (Key Equipment Finance); 15,772 (parent company) Local executive: Adam D. Warner 2009 revenue: $5.8 billion (parent company) 2009 net income/(loss): ($1.3 billion) (parent company) Description: Key Equipment Finance, an affiliate of Cleveland-based KeyCorp, is one of the nation's largest bank-held equipment finance companies and provides business-to-business equipment financing services to businesses of many types and sizes. Update: None provided. 33.) Dot Hill Systems Corp. Address: 1351 S. Sunset St., Longmont, 80501 Phone: 303-845- 3200 Fax: 303-845-3201 Web site: dothill.com Stock exchange/symbol: Nasdaq/HILL Employees in Boulder/Broomfield counties: 285 Worldwide employees: 330 Local executive: Dana Kammersgard 2009 revenue: $234.4 million 2009 net income/(loss): ($13.6 million) Description: Longmont-based Dot Hill Systems is a manufacturer of RAID storage arrays and controllers, data protection software, storage virtualization products that are sold through OEM partners, integrators and the reseller channel for a applications such as video streaming, video surveillance, data center storage, rugged deployable military storage and health care imaging. Update: Dot Hill Systems purchased Cloverleaf Communications and its iSN Software suite for storage virtualization which includes thin provisioning, replication and heterogeneous storage virtualization. 34.) (tie) Wells Fargo Address: 1242 Pearl St., Boulder, 80302 Phone: 303-441- 0314 Fax: 303-444-3295 Web site: wellsfargo.com Stock exchange/symbol: NYSE/WFC Employees in Boulder/Broomfield counties: 280 Worldwide employees: 278,000 Local executive: None provided. 2009 revenue: $98.6 billion 2009 net income/(loss): $12.3 billion Description: Wells Fargo, based in San Francisco, is a diversified financial institution. Update: According to 2008 Community Investment Act data (the most current available), Wells Fargo -- which is the leading SBA lender in Colorado -- made more than 3,000 loans under $100,000 totaling $75.8 million to Boulder-area businesses. 34.) (tie) Roche Colorado Corp. (a subsidiary of Roche Group) Address: 2075 N. 55th St., Boulder, 80301 Phone: 303-442- 1926 Fax: 303-938-6305 Web site: rochecolorado.com Stock exchange/symbol: Swiss Exchange/RHHBY Employees in Boulder/Broomfield counties: 280 Worldwide employees: 81,507 Local executive: Don Fitzgerald 2009 revenue: $46.4 billion (parent company) 2009 net income/(loss): $8.1 billion (parent company) Description: Roche Colorado, a subsidiary of the Switzerland-based Roche Group, produces the active ingredients for pharmaceuticals with a focus on peptide compounds. Update: Roche Colorado has engaged in technical development work on a number of promising peptide therapeutics, officials said. 36.) (tie) Xilinx Inc. Address: 3100 Logic Drive, Longmont, 80503 Phone: 720-652- 3600 Fax: 720-652-3663 Web site: xilinx.com Stock exchange/symbol: Nasdaq/XLNX Employees in Boulder/Broomfield counties: 260 Worldwide employees: 3,000 Local executive: Dan Gibbons 2009 revenue: $1.8 billion 2009 net income/(loss): $357.5 million Description: San Jose, Calif.-based Xilinx is a global provider of programmable platforms, with more than 50-percent market share in the programmable logic device segment of the semiconductor industry. Update: None provided. 36.) (tie) Research Electro-Optics Inc. Address: 5505 Airport Blvd., Boulder, 80301 Phone: 303-938- 1960 Web site: reoinc.com Stock exchange/symbol: Privately held Employees in Boulder/Broomfield counties: 260 Worldwide employees: 260 Local executive: Terry L. Moshier 2009 revenue: $32 million 2009 net income/(loss): WND Description: Boulder-based Research Electro-Optics manufactures precision optical components and optical assemblies. Update: REO grew revenues by more than 25 percent in 2009 from the prior year. 38.) Rock Bottom Restaurants Inc. Address: 248 Centennial Parkway, Suite 100, Louisville, 80027 Phone: 303-664- 4000 Fax: 303-664-4199 Web site: rockbottomrestaurantsinc.com Stock exchange/symbol: Privately held Employees in Boulder/Broomfield counties: 256 Worldwide employees: 4,252 Local executive: Frank Day 2009 revenue: $305 million 2009 net income/(loss): WND Description: Louisville-based Rock Bottom Restaurants operates casual dining restaurants with three main brands: Old Chicago, Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery and ChopHouse. Update: Rock Bottom Restaurants successfully completed a debt and equity restructuring in March 2009 that included a new equity raise; officials said the company's restaurants outperformed others in the industry in the face of difficult economic times; and the company also introduced a new restaurant concept: The Rock Bottom Gold Medal Tap. 39.) Webroot Software Address: 2560 55th St., Boulder, 80301 Phone: 303-442- 3813 Fax: 303-442-3846 Web site: webroot.com Stock exchange/symbol: Privately held Employees in Boulder/Broomfield counties: 251 Worldwide employees: 458 Local executive: Dick Williams 2009 revenue: more than $100 million 2009 net income/(loss): WND Description: Webroot, which plans to relocate its headquarters to Broomfield from Boulder, provides Internet security solutions for consumers, enterprises and small and medium businesses worldwide. Update: The company appointed veteran technology executive Dick Williams as president and CEO in August 2009 to drive vertical and geographic market growth for the company and also made several enhancements to its Security-as-a-Service services for business customers. 40.) Spectra Logic Corp. Address: 6285 Lookout Road, Boulder, 80301 Phone: 303-449- 6400 Fax: 303-839-8844 Web site: spectralogic.com Stock exchange/symbol: Privately held Employees in Boulder/Broomfield counties: 233 Worldwide employees: 308 Local executive: Nathan C. Thompson 2009 revenue: WND 2009 net income/(loss): WND Description: Boulder-based Spectra Logic provides data protection offerings such as deduplication, disk and tape products. Update: Spectra Logic celebrated its 30th anniversary in business by launching the T-Finity tape library in November 2009. T-Finity provides a tape archive and backup product to fully meet the needs of the enterprise IT, Federal government, high performance computing, and media and entertainment markets. 41.) Gaiam Inc. Address: 833 W. South Boulder Road, Louisville, 80027 Phone: 303-222- 3600 Web site: gaiam.com Stock exchange/symbol: Nasdaq/GAIA Employees in Boulder/Broomfield counties: 231 Worldwide employees: 536 Local executive: Jacki Abraham 2009 revenue: $278.4 million 2009 net income/(loss): $296,000 Description: Louisville-based Gaiam is a lifestyle media and personal development company. Update: Gaiam continued to build its company and brand by offering a broad selection of information, media, products and services to customers who value personal development, wellness, ecological lifestyles and responsible media. 42.) The Hain Celestial Group (parent to Celestial Seasonings and operator of WestSoy Tofu plant in Boulder) Address: Celestial Seasonings: 4600 Sleepytime Drive (Celestial Seasonings), Boulder, 80301; WestSoy Tofu: 6123 Arapahoe Road, Boulder, 80303 Phone: Celestial Seasonings: 303-530-5300; WestSoy Tofu: 303-635-4900 Web site: celestialseasonings.com Stock exchange/symbol: Nasdaq/HAIN Employees in Boulder/Broomfield counties: 228 (Celestial Seasonings: 200; WestSoy Tofu: 28) Worldwide employees: 2,022 Local executive: Celestial Seasonings: Peter Burns 2009 revenue: $1.1 billion 2009 net income/(loss): ($24.7 million) Description: Celestial Seasonings, a business of the Melville, N.Y.-based The Hain Celestial Group, is the largest specialty tea manufacturer in North America, serves more than 1.6 billion cups of tea every year, and sources more than 100 different ingredients from more than 35 countries. Update: Celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2009, Celestial Seasonings added delicate Bai Mu Dan white tea across its green tea line for a smooth taste and introduced Sleepytime Vanilla. 43.) Elevations Credit Union Address: P.O. Box 9004, Boulder, 80301 Phone: 303-443- 4672 Web site: elevationscu.com Stock exchange/symbol: Privately held (member-owned) Employees in Boulder/Broomfield counties: 224 Worldwide employees: 234 Local executive: Gerry Agnes 2009 revenue: $49.3 million 2009 net income/(loss): $11.6 million Description: Boulder-based Elevations Credit Union is a financial services provider. Update: Elevations Credit Union set a record-high level of new and total members in 2009 and posted new records in levels of revenue, net income, net worth, loans, assets and deposits, all while experiencing lowest level of delinquent loans. 44.) Balfour Senior Living Address: 1331 Hecla Drive, Louisville, 80027 Phone: 303-926- 8300 Web site: balfourcare.com Stock exchange/symbol: Privately held Employees in Boulder/Broomfield counties: 220 Worldwide employees: 220 Local executive: Michael K. Schonbrun 2009 revenue: $19.7 million 2009 net income/(loss): $5.3 million Description: Louisville-based Balfour Senior Living provides senior living rental communities designed to offer the full continuum of care. Update: Balfour Senior Living completed its newest independent living community, The Residences. 45.) (tie) Cisco Systems Inc. Address: 5330 Airport Blvd. and 5400 Airport Blvd., Boulder, 80301 Phone: 720-562- 6724 Web site: cisco.com Stock exchange/symbol: Nasdaq/CSCO Employees in Boulder/Broomfield counties: 200 Worldwide employees: 68,574 Local executive: Phil Harris 2009 revenue: $36.1 billion 2009 net income/(loss): $6.1 billion Description: San Jose, Calif.-based Cisco Systems is a global leader in networking -- transforming how people connect, communicate and collaborate. Update: Cisco unveiled its Unified Computing System and the ASR 9000. 45.) (tie) Lexmark International Inc. Address: 6555 Monarch Road, Longmont, 80503 Phone: 303-581- 5000 Web site: lexmark.com Stock exchange/symbol: NYSE/LXK Employees in Boulder/Broomfield counties: 200 Worldwide employees: 14,000 Local executive: John Byrne 2009 revenue: $3.9 billion 2009 net income/(loss): $145.9 million Description: Lexington, Ky.-based Lexmark International specializes in computer peripherals. Update: Company officials said Lexmark weathered the difficult worldwide economic situation and ended 2009 on a positive note. 47.) Ericsson Inc. Address: 6210 Spine Road, Boulder, 80301 Phone: 303-473- 6600 Web site: ericsson.com Stock exchange/symbol: Nasdaq/ERIC Employees in Boulder/Broomfield counties: 191 Worldwide employees: 86,000 Local executive: Laurence Nolan 2009 revenue: $28.9 billion 2009 net income/(loss): ($1 billion) Description: Founded in 1876 and headquartered in Sweden, Ericsson is a leader in 2G, 3G and 4G mobile technologies, provides support for networks with more than 1 billion subscribers and has a leading position in managed services. Update: Ericsson and TeliaSonera unveiled the world's first commercial Long-Term Evolution site in Stockholm. 48.) Leanin' Tree Inc. Address: 6055 Longbow Drive, Boulder, 80301 Phone: 303-530- 1442 Web site: leanintree.com Stock exchange/symbol: Privately held Employees in Boulder/Broomfield counties: 190 Worldwide employees: 200 Local executive: Tom Trumble 2009 revenue: WND 2009 net income/(loss): WND Description: Longmont-based Leanin' Tree specializes in greeting cards. Update: Leanin' Tree was ranked No. 1 by GiftBeat five years in a row. 49.) Omni Financial Services Inc. Address: 380 Interlocken Crescent, Suite 800, Broomfield, 80021 Phone: 303-530- 7770 Fax: 720-274-1236 Web site: omni-financial.com Stock exchange/symbol: Privately held Employees in Boulder/Broomfield counties: 175 Worldwide employees: 175 Local executive: Scott Priesmeyer 2009 revenue: WND 2009 net income/(loss): WND Description: Broomfield-based Omni Financial is a national, business-to-business tax resolution firm that has grown in its 15 years from a seven-employee office at 1900 Folsom St. in Boulder to become one of the pioneers in the industry, assisting more than 27,000 businesses across America. Update: Omni Financial recently was awarded the A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau, recognizing Omni as the only major company in its field with the A+ distinction. 50.) VMware Inc. Address: 380 Interlocken Crescent, Suite 500, Broomfield, 80021 Phone: 303-942- 4600 Web site: vmware.com Stock exchange/symbol: NYSE/VMW Employees in Boulder/Broomfield counties: 169 Worldwide employees: 10,000 Local executive: Doug Smith 2009 revenue: $2 billion 2009 net income/(loss): $197.1 million Description: Palo Alto, Calif.-based VMware is a global leader in cloud infrastructure software, delivering customer-proven virtualization offerings that significantly reduce IT complexity and enable a new approach to IT through cloud computing. Update: VMware was the 2009 Best of Interop Grand Prize winner in the Cloud Computing and Virtualization categories.