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Foundation Recognizes REC Silicon

August 17, 2010
The St. James Healthcare Foundation today recognized REC Silicon for its generous support of local charitable causes. The St. James Healthcare Foundation recently received the fifth of five $20,000 installments on a $100,000 commitment from REC Silicon. Steve Huntington, Executive Director of the St. James Healthcare Foundation said, “Our Foundation was in its infancy five years ago when the folks at REC Silicon stepped up to provide funds that formed a major building block for our capital base. We’ve been successful in expanding that base and as our Foundation continues to grow, we’ll be able to do more for St. James and for health care in Butte and southwestern Montana.” REC Silicon is one of the area’s most generous business benefactors having recently made substantial contributions to the St. James Healthcare Foundation, the Butte Family YMCA, The Butte Food Bank, Montana Tech and the United Way to name a few. Richard Green, Plant Manager for REC Silicon said, “It is our pleasure to give back to the community that provides us with a great base to do business. We have a first-rate workforce and a fine location for a facility that’s done very well in a highly-competitive industry. Health care in particular is critical to our employees and to the business climate of the area.” The St. James Healthcare Foundation was formed in 2003 to raise money through contributions, grants and other sources to assist St. James Healthcare in purchasing medical equipment, conducting healthcare outreach, and helping people in need. Over the last five years, equipment purchases have included heart monitors, exercise machines for cardiac rehabilitation, and fetal monitors. A variety of scholarship funds have provided educational assistance to several Butte students seeking careers in medical fields, and many patients and their families have received aid in meeting travel costs to receive specialized treatment. The next major project will be cooperating with St. James Healthcare in the development of a residency program to help train new physicians and encourage their location in Butte. Chuck Wright, CEO of St. James Healthcare, noted the importance of the Foundation and the financial support it receives. “We were operating without a Foundation until some very dedicated people came forward to organize it in 2003 and with the outstanding generosity of companies like REC Silicon, we’ve been able to accomplish a great deal in a relatively short time. These are challenging times for all areas of business, and we greatly appreciate that REC Silicon has been so willing to help,” said Wright.