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St. Mary¹s honored for role in saving lives through organ donation

November 24, 2010
"We're here to save lives, but when we've done everything possible and still lose a patient, organ donation can be a way to continue saving life," says Jerry Spicer, RN, vice president of Patient Services and chief nursing officer for St. Mary's Hospital. "Families often find comfort in knowing their loved one is helping others through organ donation." For the fifth year in a row, St. Mary's has been recognized by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for its organ donation rate. In 2009, 15 of the 16 St. Mary's patients eligible for organ donation became donors when they or their families gave their consent. Those 15 donors helped 38 patients. Many seriously ill and injured patients St. Mary's cares for are transferred to the regional medical center from other hospitals, and many of the organ recipients are Colorado residents. St. Mary's has an excellent working relationship with Donor Alliance, the federally-designated, non-profit organ procurement organization serving Colorado and most of Wyoming, Spicer explains. ³Our staff is trained to recognize potential donors, and Donor Alliance's guidance and expertise ensure families receive the information and support they need to make this very personal and life-affirming decision."