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L.I.F.E. begins January 18

January 07, 2011
The decision to lose weight is definitely a personal one, but that doesn't mean you have to go it alone. "We all do better with help and support when we're making the kind of lifestyle changes required to lose weight," says Lana Birch, St. Mary's exercise physiologist. Support is the whole idea behind St. Mary's Lifestyle Improvement with Fitness and Education, or L.I.F.E., weight management program.

L.I.F.E. is a very practical program that helps people change the way they think about food, activity, and their health, Birch explains. "Sometimes it's difficult for those closest to us to understand and give the kind of support we need," she says, "but other class members facing the same challenges can be very supportive. They add energy and an element of freedom and fun to the whole learning process."

The 13-week program includes education, nutrition, and exercise sessions, health assessments, goal setting, challenges, incentives, awards, and a focus on long-term health improvement and weight management.

L.I.F.E.-Lifestyle Improvement with Fitness and Education
Weight Management Program at St. Mary's Life Center

January 18-April 12, 2011
Cost: $187

· Health assessments
· Real life tactics
· Learning healthy habits
· Fun exercise classes
· Professional guidance
· Support from friends

Includes three-month Life Center gym membership. Pre-register by January 14 to reserve your spot. For more information: 298-6080; email lana.birch@stmarygj.org.