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October 1: Walk 4 Life

September 27, 2011

How far would you walk to save a neighbor’s life? How about five kilometers? Walk 4 Life is a 5k walk to promote breast cancer education and detection—activities that save lives every year. Proceeds from the Junior Service League’s annual Walk 4 Life fund local programs, including mammograms for low-income, uninsured women. Since 1998, the event has funded mammograms for more than 3,000 Mesa County women. Many of those mammograms are done at St. Mary’s Wilma B. Bacon Mammography Center.

“A mammogram is vital to detecting early breast cancer when treatment can be most effective. Beginning at age 40 women are recommended to have annual screening exams,” says Deana Marone, CRS Lead Technologist Mammography/Bone Densitometry. “St. Mary’s has three digital mammography units, a computer-aided detection system, ultrasound units, breast MRI and a stereotactic breast biopsy unit. And all that technology is surrounded by a comfortable, spa-like atmosphere and our compassionate, professional staff.”

Every year St. Mary’s has a Walk 4 Life team made up of employees, their children, family members and friends. “We know the funds raised will benefit our patients, friends, and neighbors,” says Marone.

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