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St. James Launches Electronic Medical Records System

February 18, 2012
St. James Healthcare announced that it has upgraded to a new electronic medical records (EMR) system that will enhance quality, safety and efficiency for its patients. The new system is called eSummit with Epic. All the hospitals in the SCL Health System (SCLHS) will be using the Epic System by 2013, with installation completed at all three SCLHS hospitals in Montana (St. James Healthcare, St. Vincent Healthcare in Billings, and Holy Rosary Healthcare in Miles City). The Epic EMR system is touted as the top EMR system available today, counting the prestigious Cleveland Clinic, the Geisinger Clinic, Kaiser Permanente, and Group Health of Puget Sound among their many clients. The Providence Health System, parent organization of St. Patrick’s Hospital in Missoula, also has selected Epic for their hospital and medical group. “We have had an electronic medical records system for some time,” said Chuck Wright, St. James Healthcare President and CEO. “However, eSummit with Epic is a big step ahead of our former system because it satisfies the Federal Government’s requirement for a “certified” technology for all hospitals so that both quality and quantity of care can be significantly measured.” The eSummit with Epic System improves how doctors and healthcare workers gather and share a patient’s medical history. It enables faster, more accurate information sharing within the hospital, between different hospitals, and with physicians. Through computerized provider order entry, providers can access the system from their offices or home to enter patient orders, thus reducing the need for verbal or paper orders and improving patient care and safety. Grounded in over 3 years of preparation, the change to eSummit with Epic included an extensive training effort. St. James Healthcare’s employees and medical staff received from 2 hours to 4 days of intense classroom training depending on their role. “Providing outstanding patient care is and has always been our primary mission,” said Wright. “Implementation of eSummit with Epic is a testament to our ongoing efforts to improve care delivery for all our patients.”