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St. Francis Health Center Promotes National Call to Action Aimed at Keeping Brain Health Top of Mind

March 01, 2012

Contact: Eryn Myrick
St. Francis Health Center Marketing and Communications Manager
785-295-8918 (office)
785-217-4052 (mobile)

When: 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, March 21, 2012
Where: St. Francis Sports Medicine, 801 S.W. Fairlawn Road
RSVP: 888-365-0440 or www.stfrancistopeka.org

St. Francis Health Center Promotes National Call to Action Aimed at Keeping Brain Health Top of Mind

TOPEKA, KAN. – A nationwide initiative is building awareness on the significance of brain health and how it can affect our lives. St. Francis Health Center's March Wellness Wednesday, Avoid a Brain Wreck, discusses the symptoms and types of brain disease.

"We're thrilled to take this step in educating the community on the important topic of brain health," says Sharon McCaleb, director of Musculoskeletal Services.

Of the most common symptoms of brain disease are seizures, which can generally be classified in two categories, focal (partial) seizures, which occur on a single side of the brain; and generalized, which is the result of abnormal activity on both sides of the brain.

Common brain disorders include Alzheimer's disease, which affects an estimated 5 million Americans, as well as brain cancer, epilepsy and stroke, among others. While many brain disorders are treatable through physical therapy, medication or surgery, they remain incurable.

Avoid a Brain Wreck is nationally supported by Spirit of Women and locally presented by St. Francis Health Center.

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For more information, contact Eryn Myrick at 785-295-8918 or by visiting www.stfrancistopeka.org.