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Neurology clinic brings subspecialty care to western Colorado

September 10, 2012

You’ve got a lot of nerve. That’s a fact, not an accusation. Some sources say the human body has a hundred billion nerve cells; others say seven trillion. Anyway you count them, they explain why the field of neurology is so complex, diverse, and specialized. In addition to practicing general neurology, the physicians of St. Mary’s Neurology Clinic provide some highly specialized neurology care.

As the only stroke-trained neurologist between Salt Lake City and Denver, Logan McDaneld, MD, says he cannot emphasize enough the importance of seeking medical help immediately if you think you or someone you are with has suffered a stroke. “New medications can greatly improve recovery from some types of strokes, but the diagnosis and medication have to happen quickly,” he says. “Staying home waiting for symptoms to improve can be dangerous. Time is brain.”

Seth Kareus, MD, the only movement neurologist in the region, works with patients with Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease, tremor, dystonia, and other “movement” disorders. “Our patients come to us by referral from their primary care physicians or other neurologists,” Kareus says.

“Our objective is to provide the highest level of care for neurological disorders right here and spare patients and their families the inconvenience and expense of traveling to Denver for care,” McDaneld says.