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Weigh and Win Program Rewards for Weight Loss

September 24, 2012

(Sept. 24, 2012) – This month, “Dee” could earn $75 if she loses 10 more pounds. The money is an incentive offered by Weigh and Win, a weight loss program now available at Exempla Lutheran Medical Center that pays money to participants, not the other way around.

Anyone over age 18 can participate and those with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 25 or greater can get paid for lost weight – and they can continue to receive money until a healthy weight is achieved. Participants can continue to receive compensation for keeping the weight off.

In a year and a half since the program launched, more than 20,000 Coloradans have registered for Weigh and Win. The program just became a lot more accessible to Denver’s west-metro residents. In collaboration with community coalition partners LiveWell Wheat Ridge and Jefferson County Public Health, Lutheran now has a Weigh and Win kiosk in its main lobby.

Participants can enroll at the kiosk or online at www.weighandwin.com to receive tools and information that help them adopt a healthier lifestyle and lose weight. In addition to the kiosk at Exempla Lutheran Medical Center, there are about 40 others throughout the state that Coloradans ages 18 and over can access.  

Supporting individuals, families and employees across the life span to work toward healthy weight is a strategy that health care systems, schools, employers, human service providers and nonprofits are implementing to reduce the impact of poor health related to unhealthy weight.

The Weigh and Win program is a recent addition to a community movement in Wheat Ridge to address healthy weight through a mix of interventions. A stronger focus on creating safe walkable environments, ensuring healthier food options in worksites and schools and increasing access to parks, trails, recreation facilities and locally-grown food are some of the other strategies being applied in Wheat Ridge and surrounding communities.

“The Weigh and Win program is a wonderful complement to a community working hard to foster healthier lifestyles,” said Molly Hanson, LiveWell Wheat Ridge coordinator. “We have the Weigh and Win program in this region because residents were asking for it.”

Dee is an example of the success of the Weigh and Win program. She tried a variety of other weight loss programs in the past, including extreme fad diets, but found that she regained the weight every time – once as much as 50 pounds.

Since the first day Dee started working with Weigh and Win, she has lost more than 32 pounds and has kept the weight off.  Dee’s goal is to lose 10 more pounds by the next weigh-in, so she will return to the weight she had at her wedding, and also earn an additional $75.

Weigh and Win started in March 2011 through Kaiser Permanente Colorado Community Benefit funding. The program is administered by a local health technology company, incentaHEALTH, and is the nation’s first community-wide program offering cash rewards and prizes to individuals who achieve or maintain a healthy weight.

“We know that being overweight or obese has serious health consequences. It not only increases the risk for chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease, but there’s also a tremendous cost to our communities,” said Jandel Allen-Davis, MD, Kaiser Permanente vice president of government and external relations. “Kaiser Permanente is committed to improving the health of all Coloradans and this program builds upon our extensive work to increase healthy eating and physical activity.” 

The kiosk at Lutheran is located in the south end of the main lobby at 8300 W. 38th Ave., Entrance #2. The interactive kiosk uses privacy panels to support the comfort of users. More information about the Weigh and Win program and additional kiosk locations is available at www.weighandwin.com. For information about wellness programs and classes at Lutheran, please go to http://www.exempla.org/destinationwellness.

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