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St. James Implements CipherVoice to Enhance Patient Satisfaction

May 01, 2013
St. James Healthcare today launched CipherVoice, an automated calling system for discharged patients, that is designed to enhance the overall patient experience and to help decrease unnecessary hospital re-admissions. “CipherVoice will help make our patients’ transition from hospital to home much smoother,” said Mary Ann Pendergast, Director of Radiation Oncology, who is serving as the project champion for the implementation of CipherVoice. CipherVoice asks patients a series of clinical questions to determine whether patients need direct follow up. “Our goal is to ensure the patient continues to improve after discharge by confirming discharge instructions, ensuring prescriptions were obtained, evaluating pain control, and making sure that follow-up care with a physician has been arranged as advised,” says Pendergast. If a patient has any concerns, CipherVoice immediately alerts a nursing manager at St. James via email and pager, and the nursing supervisor then contacts the patient directly. “Care and concern for our patients extends beyond their hospital stay,” said Chuck Wright, President and CEO at St. James. “Using CipherVoice, we will be able to check in with every patient who has been discharged, and then our staff can contact those who need additional assistance or information,” he said. CipherVoice is used in many other hospitals across the country including some within the SCL Health System: Lutheran Medical Center, Good Samaritan Medical Center, and St. Joseph Hospital in Denver as well as St. Francis Health Center in Topeka. Within these four hospitals, more than 95,000 patients have been contacted to date and 13 percent of those patients received direct follow up from hospital staff. Patients will receive calls two days after they are discharged from St. James.