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United Way Pacesetter Campaign has begun

August 23, 2013

Wouldn’t it be great if we all had the same chances in life, the same good luck? As good as that sounds, a world where no one needs help with life’s challenges sounds a bit like science fiction. Thank goodness for the United Way’s work here on earth!

Through donations from the community, the United Way of Mesa County funds 33 local non-profit agencies that build strong families, promote health, and increase self-sufficiency.

“The very reason St. Mary’s was established is to improve the health of individuals and our community, especially the poor and vulnerable,” says Shelly Tran, co-chair of St. Mary’s United Way Pacesetter Campaign. “That’s right in line with the United Way and that’s why St. Mary’s associates are so generous.”

Sci-fi fantasy theme for Pacesetter Campaign
“Every year the United Way gives us a campaign theme to get our creative juices flowing to host fun activities that engage and encourage associates to donate,” says campaign co-chair Geri Tamborelli. “With this year’s theme, sci-fi fantasy, we at St. Mary’s have decided ‘Helping your neighbors is out of this world!’”

St. Mary’s is a Pacesetter, one of a select group of organizations conducting workplace campaigns before the community United Way drive. Pacesetters help “set the pace” for the community and raise about 40% of the total United Way donations. Last year, St. Mary's associates raised over $58,000!