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Be aware of breast health and screening services

September 30, 2013

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Awareness is the first step—knowing your risk factors for developing breast cancer, which factors you can influence and which you can’t, the importance of self and clinical breast exams and screening mammograms in early detection.

Just as important is being aware of the breast health services available here, close to home.

St. Mary’s Wilma B. Bacon Mammography Center has all methods of screening available, digital mammography, ultrasound, and MRI. Images are interpreted by board-certified radiologists and scanned by a sensitive computer aided detection system. If a possible abnormality is found, St. Mary’s breast care navigators assist patients through the entire process of diagnosis and treatment, explains Joanne Hunter, Radiology section manager at St. Mary’s. Experienced mammography technologists are certified as Breast Patient Navigators in Imaging and Oncology by the National Consortium of Breast Centers.

“Our patient navigators are advocates, educators, and guides,” explains Hunter. “They know what resources are available at St. Mary’s, in Grand Junction, and in neighboring communities.”

Breast Imaging Center of Excellence
As a Breast Imaging Center of Excellence, St. Mary’s mammography center at Pavilion Imaging in St. Mary’s Advanced Medicine Pavilion meets the highest level of imaging quality and safety.