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HRH to host public forum on Affordable Care Act

November 20, 2013

On Thursday, November 21, Holy Rosary Healthcare (HRH) will offer a public forum – Understanding Obamacare and How it Impacts You – to provide education and assistance in navigating the Montana Health Insurance Exchange options.  The forum will take place in HRH conference rooms 1, 2 and 3, from 12:00-1:30 pm.

Having facilitated various sessions statewide, representatives from the Montana Commissioner of Insurance and Securities will also be in Miles City.  Additionally, local experts will be available to present relevant information and address questions.

This is a free forum, open to anyone interested in learning more on the Affordable Care Act and Obamacare, as well as the various health insurance options currently available in Montana.

The Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act became law October 1, 2013, offering affordable healthcare to millions of uninsured, low-income Americans.  As a result, Healthcare Marketplace, also referred to as an Exchange, became available.  An online resource, Healthcare Marketplace enables uninsured persons to compare, select and enroll in a desired healthcare plan.

With very few exceptions, insurance offered on the Marketplace is available to everyone, regardless of income.  For those with lower incomes, subsidies are available to assist with premium costs.

Enrollment plans are now available, with earliest coverage beginning January 1, 2014.  Per the new law, all persons are expected to have health insurance coverage, whether provided by their employer, purchased through the Exchange, or purchased from agents outside the Exchange.

Each state has a Marketplace; Montana’s state-run Marketplace has three companies to choose from:  the Montana Health Co-op (MHC,) Blue Cross Blue Shield and Pacific Source.

HRH patient enrollment specialists, Marybeth Squires and Lisa Marum, are currently available to address enrollment and coverage concerns.  Interested persons may contact Squires or Marum, Monday-Friday, from 8:00 am-5:00 pm, to schedule an appointment:

  • In the Patient Accounts office, adjacent to the main lobby;
  • By phone at 406-233-2596 for Squires, or 406-233-2685 for Marum;
  • Or by emailing HRH-GetCoveredNow@sclhs.net.

Additional information, as well as payment calculators, can be obtained at www.sclhealthsystem.org/getcovered.

HRH is able to provide training and access to two on-site navigators with the assistance of a grant awarded by the Montana Health Network.