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HRH Planning 2014 Wellness Fair & Expo

December 30, 2013

Holy Rosary Healthcare (HRH) would like to welcome the public to attend the largest health event in Miles City – the 2014 Wellness Fair & Expo – beginning January 21. The fair & expo will feature personal health screenings and valuable educational opportunities.

HRH will offer the most popular health screenings at the lowest prices of the year. Screenings are available January 21-24, and again January 28-30, 7:00-10:00am, in the Medical Arts Center/Clinic lobby. From 10:00am-5:00pm, health screenings will be available in the Laboratory.

For best results, participants are advised to fast for 10 hours prior to screenings. No appointment is necessary. Available tests include:

  • Comp panel (diabetes, liver, kidney and blood sugar) - $25
  • Vitamin D - $42
  • PSA (prostate cancer screening, males only) - $30
  • TSH (thyroid disorders) - $25
  • Lipid panel (good, bad and total cholesterol, as well as heart disease) - $20
  • H. Pylori (stomach ulcer, gastrointestinal) - $20
  • Coulter count (blood count, anemia) - $10
  • Colocare (colorectal cancer screening) – FREE

Additionally, a free finale event will take place Friday, January 31, 7:00am-1:00pm, at the Miles Community College Centra. Exhibitors will showcase their knowledge of health-related issues – promoting awareness and offering exciting prizes and activities.

Test results may be picked up January 31, at the Centra; those unable to be collected will be mailed. For additional information, or to reserve a demonstration booth, please call 406-233-4053 or email hrh-events@sclhs.net. For event updates, refer to www.holyrosaryhealthcare.org/wellnessfairexp.