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The best care for the best kid: Yours

December 31, 2013

Parents will do almost anything, go almost anywhere, to get their child the best care available. St. Mary’s understands but doesn’t think they should have to go far.

St. Mary’s pediatric unit is staffed by specially trained nurses and designed for the young patient. The hospital’s medical staff includes a pediatric surgeon, cardiologist, infectious disease specialist, orthopedist, anesthesiologists, and numerous other specialty physicians with training and experience in treating children. Three neonatologists take care of our smallest and most vulnerable patients in the highest level neonatal intensive care unit in western Colorado.

“By assembling a team of local and visiting specialists, St. Mary’s Pediatric Specialty Clinic provides the types of services usually found only in large urban hospitals and specialized children’s hospitals and found nowhere else in western Colorado,” says Charles Breaux Jr., MD, pediatric surgeon. Breaux performs traditional and minimally invasive surgery and endoscopic procedures on young patients from newborns through teens.

“Especially convenient for families with children requiring multiple specialists, St. Mary’s provides clinic space for visiting specialists in hematology-oncology, gastroenterology, pulmonology, neurology, genetics, and metabolic disorders,” Breaux adds.

Pediatric services at St. Mary’s

  • pediatric unit staffed by specially trained nurses
  • pediatric surgeon, pediatric cardiologist
  • three neonatologists
  • Pediatric Specialty Clinic
  • clinics for children requiring multiple specialists
  • physical, occupational, speech, and recreation therapists

Physical, occupational, speech, and recreation therapists at St. Mary’s Life Center help children with physical, developmental, or reasoning challenges to learn, play and enjoy being kids through group and individual therapy sessions.