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SCL Health System
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Doing Business with SCL Health System

SCL Health System is a faith-based, nonprofit health care organization that operates 8 hospitals, four safety net clinics, one children’s mental health center and more than 190 ambulatory service centers in three states – Colorado, Kansas, and Montana. The health system includes 15,000 full-time associates and more than 500 employed providers. See a full list of our care sites and locations.

Based in Denver, the health network is dedicated to improving the health of the communities and individuals it serves, especially those who are poor and vulnerable.

We Welcome Your Vendor Application

At this time, we are not accepting unsolicited vendor requests.

SCL Health System has a strict vendor-add process and is requesting your participation with the completion and return of the following forms (Vendor Add Packet). This initiative is designed to assist SCLHS in obtaining sufficient levels of information on par with industry standards. These efforts will also streamline processes that will ensure timely and accurate payments to our vendors. Learn more in our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions for Vendors) section.

The requestor (SCL Health System employee) of the Vendor Add will complete the Vendor Add Request form and the vendor will need to complete the Vendor Add Packet.

Potential vendors, please download the following forms as part of the Vendor Add Packet :

  1. Process for doing business with SCL Health System
  2. Tax Payer Identification Number and Certification - Form W-9
  3. SCL Health System Vendor Ownership Certification
  4. Vendor Supplier Diversity Self-Certification
  5. Vendor Category Code Self-Identification


All original invoice and statements must be sent directly to the SCL Health System Accounts Payable billing address listed below. Vendors should not send invoices to the contact on the invoice or purchase order. If an invoice is mailed to any other location it will need to be forwarded to this address and a delay in payment should be expected. SCL Health System will not pay any late fee for invoices sent to the wrong location.

Note: The Invoices should reflect the following in their Bill To Address:
Specific information -- including the Hospital /Clinic that ordered the goods or services and the Attn: To or c/o: information of which associate ordered the goods or service.

This information will help to assist SCL Health System in routing the invoice to the Budget Owner for approval.

Example of what a bill to address should look like:

Bill to:

SCL Health System
Re: Hospital Name/Clinic Name
Attn: or c/o (Who ordered the Goods or Services?)
Accounts Payable Shared Services
2480 W. 26th Ave., Suite 200B
Denver, CO 80211

Invoice Accuracy

Invoice must reference proper information in order to be paid timely. A list of all invoice required information is listed below. Our accounts payable department will attempt to match all invoices to purchase orders. If there is a discrepancy in the pricing on the invoice, additional steps need to be taken.

SCL Health System will notify the vendor of the cost error and provide a 10-day window to provide additional information to justify the higher charge. If this information is not provided within that timeframe, SCL Health System will pay the amount based upon the price indicated on our issued purchase order and the remaining balance of that invoice should be written off by the vendor.

Invoices must contain the following information to be considered eligible for payment:

  1. Vendor Name
  2. SCL Health System “requester” name (in absence of PO#)
  3. Payment terms
  4. Ship to Address (Address where product was shipped)
  5. Bill to Address (with a contact person at SCL Health System -- please see note below)
  6. Remit To:
  7. Invoice number*
  8. Valid PO # (if applicable)*
  9. Invoice date
  10. Prices and total cost for each product/service (must match the PO)
  11. Applicable taxes (based on Ship To location)
  12. Due Date
  13. Discounts
  14. Item/service description (must match the PO)
  15. Unit of measure (must match the PO)

*Our accounts payable department will attempt to match all invoices to purchase orders. If there is a discrepancy in the pricing on the invoice, additional steps need to be taken and a delay in payment should be expected. SCL Health system will not pay any late fees for invoices if the price on the invoice does not match our purchase order.

SCL Health System also desires the flexibility to make payments for goods and/or services by electronic funds transfer (EFT) through the ACH Network. The ACH payment would eliminate a live check which in turn avoids weekend as well as U.S. Mail delays. An e-mail will be sent to you the same day of payment, and you can expect payment from SCL health System the following business day. Access the ACH enrollment form here. Please contact accounts payable at 303-467-4336 or 1-888-510-2811 for further information regarding next steps.

Payment Inquiries

SCL Health System will normally pay all invoices as per our contracted items. In the event that an invoice is not paid timely, please contact our accounts payable staff regarding the status of the invoice. Our accounts payable staff can be contacted at 303-467-4336 or 1-888-510-2811. A response should be expected within 1-2 business days. Any inquiries made through other channels will only delay receiving invoice status information. In order to accommodate for mail and posting time, we request that a payment inquiry not be initiated until an invoice is past due.

Denial of Service Response

SCL Health System provides healthcare services and the ability to receive our products timely is critical to us providing our patients with proper care. SCL Health System has an excellent credit rating and does not pose a credit risk for our vendors. For these reasons, refusing to ship product or proved a requested service is not an acceptable method of collection activity.

If one of our accounts reaches a status where a denial of services is being considered, please contact our accounts payable department at 303-467-4336 or 1-888-510-2811 for resolution.

Failure to provide proper notification of a denial of service will be considered a serious matter and may impact our future purchasing and contracting decisions.

Vendor Satisfaction

As part of our effort to consistently improve our customer's experience, SCL Health System has provided a vendor satisfaction survey. Your insight is critical in guiding SCL Health System with improvements now and into the future.

Please accept our invitation to participate in this survey.  We ask that you provide candid feedback on SCL Health System’s performance. Your feedback will be reviewed to help determine how SCL Health System can better meet your needs in the future.

Vendor Survey

Additonal Supplier Resources

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

Please contact kip.brinckman@sclhs.net for the following documents:

-Credit Reference Sheet

-Tax Exempt Certificates:

  • Colorado Sales Tax Exemption for Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth Health System, Inc.
  • Colorado Tax Exemptions for the Exempla care sites (Exempla Lutheran, Exempla St. Joseph, and Exempla Good Samaritan)
  • St. Mary’s Hospital Tax Exemption
  • Kansas Tax Exemptions (System Office, St. Francis)
  • There are no sales tax for Montana care sites (St. James Healthcare and St. Vincent Healthcare)

Please Contact Us At:

SCL Health System Accounts Payable Department:

303-467-4336 or 1-888-510-2811.

SCL Health System Buying Department:

E-maill: SCLHSBUYER@MedAssets.com

For further escalation assistance please contact our corporate office at 303-813-5190 and ask for our Accounts Payable Department or Supply Chain Department to direct your call.